We are witnessing a unique time in modern history. Be it in a socio-economic, political or environmental context, 2021 is blurring the line between developed and developing nations. The desire to tackle topics like climate change, waste pollution, health, privacy, or inclusion is no longer a nice thing to do. It has become a need, and in this race, every nation is equal. 

As a result of struggling economies, we are experiencing the rise of our inherent drive to build a fairer and more sustainable world for all. 2021 brings a wave of global renewal, built on values such as collaboration and stewardship. Community is the new black.

Interest in environmental, social, and governance investing is gaining in popularity, with good reason. A sustainable investing mindset sees wealth creation as a collective exercise and a look at the portfolios of tech gurus like Elon Musk reveal that they too understand the value of impact investing. Everyday, more people now look for ways to support ventures that create paths toward a healthier planet.

As of March 2021, the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investing included 3,038 signatories. The majority of these joined in the past four years, while many had been already committed many years prior. Across the world, responsible investing assets have grown to USD 30 trillion as of 2019 (KPMG) and may reach USD 53 trillion by 2025 (Bloomberg). 

With asset management leaders like BlackRock announcing they are making sustainability the “new standard for investing”, this trend is expected to soon become the global norm. For the first time, perhaps in millenia, we are seeing signs that wealth creation is aligned to the good of the collective.

Responsible investing is a sign of global citizenship, it’s about investing more than money. It’s about investing time, care, and consideration into the world that surrounds us. And this is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

As members of our society, our role is to ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s generations can thrive. At BIC, we view responsible investing as an intrinsic part of creating positive change. 

Shape the world you want to see. Invest in 2021.