The birth of something new can be an uncomfortable mixture of anticipation and anxiety.

One sees the potential of an idea entering the world, but what it becomes, only time tells.

So much can go wrong, and it often does. Yet, we persevere, motivated by the belief that the outcome will be worth the sweat.

It’s what entrepreneurs face every morning when they wake and what we too have felt at BIC for the past few months.

Lately, we were all reminded how fragile the balance of society can be. Indeed, the consequences of radical change create ripples that travel beyond our grasp. It would seem that only from such offsets do people come together to find solutions to a new generation of problems, or perhaps new solutions to the original problem. How can we continue to progress on such a small planet?

Our minds have long left the confines of this sphere and we often forget that our existence is reliant on how we treat this blue spec we call home. People are tied to the land and our relationship with it, as well as each other, defines the quality of life we get to live.

We created Bali Investment Club to be a catalyst for sustainable change. Alone, we cannot face the world’s problem. Together, we can achieve anything. This idea is what fuels our every action, from the organisations we support to the way we engage with you, our followers.

The below numbers reflect your contribution to the Club’s mission thus far, and when we pulled them yesterday, we were frankly overwhelmed. What to say beside thank you. Thank you for speaking with us. Thank you for liking our pages. Thank you for believing in BIC.

It is with immense gratitude that we begin our journey in Indonesia. We chose these magical islands as our home for we believe that the next wave of global growth will come from emerging nations.

This month, we place our attention on Bali and will back organisations that are creating tangible impact within the sources of life itself; water, sustenance, delight. Our first portfolio offering will soon be available to you.

In the meantime, we invite you to already start investing in the world around you. This too, begins with the people and the land.


BIC Founding Partners