In a monumental stride toward decarbonizing the world, BioniQa, the bio-technology company headquartered in Jakarta, has successfully secured transformational pre-seed funding from Bali Investment Club (BIC). Recognized as a leading angel network, BIC specializes in backing ground-breaking, impact-driven Indonesian ventures.

BioniQa’s trailblazing technology—sophisticated bio-machines known as photobioreactors—convert carbon footprints into both oxygen and carbon credits. Adopting an unprecedented localized approach, BioniQa is committed to fighting the alarming rise in air pollution specifically in Indonesian urban centers. A landmark installation at a Jakarta daycare is already operational, and aggressive plans are in place to install additional units in major schools across the city throughout this groundbreaking year.

Andre Hutagalung, Co-Founder and President of BioniQa, stated: “Our unique photobioreactors house algae in a controlled environment where they thrive on absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. This isn’t just a machine; it’s an ecosystem that cleans the air we breathe, making our cities more livable.


This pivotal investment from BIC is earmarked for:

Product R&D:

  • Pioneering the development of state-of-the-art algae farms and labs.
  • BioniQa IoT: Revolutionary enhancements to existing photobioreactor units.

Client Acquisition:

  • B2C: Penetrating the upscale residential sector including luxurious homes and vertical apartments
  • B2B: Strategically targeting private and business-owned structures such as corporate offices and retail spaces
  • B2G: Establishing landmark partnerships with government-owned facilities and high-traffic public spaces

Nicolo’ Castiglione, the esteemed managing partner at Bali Investment Club, concurred, “Our confidence in BioniQa’s mission is unwavering, and we are proud to be the pioneer investors in this paradigm-shifting initiative. The timing of investing in such a company could not have been better since this is an immediate and viable (if not the only one) response to the current air pollution crisis Jakarta is facing in the latest months, being classified as the most air-polluted city in the world. Bioniqa is is essentially combining nature with technology, in fact, the machine basically plays the role of an adult tree. To be precise one (current) machine equals 80 of trees in terms of O2 production and 20 trees for CO2 reduction. In crowded cities such as JKT, we cannot plant trees everywhere and it takes years before they grow and become effective. BioniQa is set to solve a major issue.

Impact of One BioniQa Photobioreactor:

  • Dramatically improves outdoor air quality by 60-80% within an expansive 150m² area in a mere 24 hours
  • Offsets an 165 to 240 kg of carbon emissions annually
  • Generates 6,800 liters of life-giving oxygen each year

About Bali Investment Club

BIC stands as a beacon in angel investing with a resolute mission to elevate profitable, impact-driven Indonesian initiatives. Their diversified investment portfolio proudly includes trailblazers like Indosole, BukaPO, Rekosistem, Robries, and Magalarva, in addition to their newest cornerstone investment in BioniQa.


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